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Choosing the right criminal lawyer could be the biggest decision of your life! Mr. Captan is available to speak with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Andrew Captan - Criminal Lawyer

Andrew Captan is an experienced Criminal Lawyer who is ready and willing to assist you with your legal defence.  Being charged with a crime, as well as the court process that follows, is a stressful, confusing and often complicated experience that nobody ever wants to go through.  Hiring an experienced Criminal Lawyer to protect your rights throughout this process is likely the most important step you can take after being charged.

Andrew Captan will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the best possible legal representation.   As a client, you will work directly with Mr. Captan, rather than a law student or legal assistant, in building your defence.  You will be updated regularly throughout your case to keep you informed about progress, next steps and potential outcomes.

From the outset of his career, Mr. Captan has strictly focused his practice on Criminal Defence Law, dedicating his time to defending individuals in some of their most vulnerable moments in life.   He represents individuals charged with crimes under the Criminal Code of Canada and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act; he represents both adults and youths (individuals under 18); he assists individuals who are charged with both minor and serious crimes, from Domestic Assault, Shoplifting and Mischief to Aggravated Assault, Attempted Murder and Sexual Assault; and he aims to do so while offering affordable legal fees in order to ensure everyone has a fair chance at justice.

For most clients, Mr. Captan offers block fee billing, leaving you with no uncertainty with respect to what you are required to pay.  Fees are discussed up front and reduced to writing in the form of a Retainer Agreement, so there are no surprises.  Mr. Captan also offers flexible and individualized payment plans so that you can manage his fees along with your other ongoing expenses.

Why retain Mr. Captan for your criminal case?

  • He only practices in Criminal Defence and, therefore, has developed expertise in this area of law
  • His office is conveniently located in the Cabbagetown area of Downtown Toronto, close to several criminal courts (College Park, 311 Jarvis Youth Court, Old City Hall and 361 University), as well as readily accessible by TTC (one short bus ride from Castle Frank station)
  • He does not delegate his work to students, clerks or legal assistants; you work directly with Mr. Captan
  • He offers affordable legal fees and makes all efforts to try and accommodate all clients who approach him fora assistance, and provides flexible payment plans so that clients are not overly burdened by large, up-front payments
  • He offers a free, initial consultation for up to 30 minutes, in which you and he can see if you are the right fit, given that the solicitor-client relationship in the criminal law context often requires the parties to work as a team
  • He accepts Legal Aid and Justice Net clients

Legal Knowledge

You deserve a strong defence.  Because Mr. Captan practices exclusively in criminal law, he has an in depth knowledge of both court procedure and substantive law – to the advantage of his clients.   He does not launch law suits; he does not close real estate transactions; his focus is strictly on defending individuals who have been charged with a crime.

A Personal Approach

Mr. Captan deals with all his clients directly, and does not use staff to communicate advice or information about a client’s case.  He is also flexible regarding his appointment schedule, and takes part in all aspects of a client’s case, from beginning to end, rather than delegating work to a junior associate or student.

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