Aggravated Assault Lawyer in Toronto

Aggravated Assault is an indictable criminal offence that is found under s. 268 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

The offence is essentially an Assault that leads to wounding, maiming, disfigurement or endangerment of life of the complainant.    There is a lot of case law on the meaning of “wounding”, “maiming”, “disfigurement” and “endangerment of life”, which can lead to issues being raised as to whether one or more of these outcomes actually resulted.

There are various defences that can be raised in Aggravated Assault cases.  A common one is “self-defence”.    Self Defence is a “justification” to criminal wrong doing, and applies in situations where the accused person faces actual or threatened force against them by another person, and responds physically to that “attack” in order to protect themselves.  The response, in law, must be “reasonable in the circumstances”.

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