Breach of Bail Recognizance Lawyer in Toronto

Andrew Captan is a Toronto Criminal Lawyer with experience in defending individuals charged with Breach of Bail Recognizance.

Aside from the risk of a criminal record and jail time, a finding of guilt for this offence carries other problematic consequences for accused people.    One of these is that the chances of being released on bail in the future is reduced, given that the offence signals an unwillingness or inability to comply with Court Orders.

There are both technical and substantive defences that can be raised at a Breach of Recognizance trial.  Technical defences can include establishing that the accused person was not properly served with a required notice  regarding the Crown’s intent to introduce documents relating to the underlying bail that is alleged to have been breached.   An example of a substantive defence would be that the accused actually did not violate the condition(s) that s/he is alleged to have breached.

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