Breach of Probation Lawyer in Toronto

Andrew Captan is a Toronto Criminal Lawyer with experience defending individuals charged with Breach of Probation.

Failing to comply with a court order, such as a Probation order, can have significant implications on accused persons in the criminal court system.  For example, if an accused is found guilty of this offence, the chances of obtaining bail in the future are decreased.  Moreover, the Crown commonly seeks “short and sharp” jail sentences for individuals found guilty of these offences.

The offence of Breach of Probation takes place where an an individual, who is bound by a Probation order, fails to comply with one or more of the conditions imposed under that order.   These conditions, for instance, can include:  keeping the peace and being of good behaviour, to reside at a specific address, to report to a probation officer, to complete a certain number of community service hours, etc..

At a first glance, Breach of Probation might seem like a straightforward offence to prove.  That, however, is far from reality.  There are both “evidentiary” (i.e., technical) and “substantive” defences that can be raised in Breach of Probation trials.    To learn more about these defences, and what options you have in defending your Breach of Probation charge, call (647) 878-6355 for a free consultation.