The Cannabis Act (Bill C-45) – Legalization of Marijuana

POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA – NEW LEGAL PROVISIONS Starting on October 17, 2018, the legalization of recreational use of Marijuana will take effect, by way of the new provisions in the Cannabis Act (Bill C-45). This new law will permit individuals to possess small amounts of marijuana. For example, an adult (someone who is 18 years or older) will be permitted to possess up to 30 grams of the substance. Young persons (individuals between 12 and 18) are permitted to possess [...]


Summary Conviction vs Indictable Criminal Offences

If you’ve been charged with a Criminal Offence, you’ve probably come across the terms “Summary Conviction” and “Indictment“.  Often, this legal terminology will appear on a page, usually referred to as a Charge Screening Form, located at the front of your disclosure package. The Charge Screening Form will indicate how the Crown Attorney intends to proceed on your charges – either by Summary Conviction or by Indictment.   But what do these terms mean? There are 3 types of criminal offences: [...]