Impaired Driving Lawyer Toronto

Hiring a Drunk Driving Lawyer? Questions to Ask

Hiring a criminal lawyer for any case can be daunting, especially if it’s your first offence. Hiring a lawyer for your Drunk Driving charge is no different. Drunk Driving charges is a highly technical area of criminal law found under the Criminal Code of Canada. How do you locate the right lawyer for your case? I’ll lay out some tips to assist you with your search to hire a lawyer that meets your [...]


Canada’s overhaul of impaired driving law: New risks to non-citizens

Feel free to check out a recently published article on LexisNexis’ Lawyer’s Daily, where I provide an opinion on Bill C-46’s changes to DUI law — one of which is particularly important for everyone in Canada who is not a Citizen.  The article is pasted below for ease of reference: In December 2018, Bill C-46 came into force and introduced new law in relation to transportation offences (now referred to as conveyance offences), including offences related to alcohol and drug [...]


Defending Impaired Driving Charges

There are 3 main DUI charges under the Criminal Code of Canada:  (1) Excess Blood Alcohol Level; (2) Impaired Operation or Care / Control (3) Refuse or Fail to Provide Breath Sample. It’s possible to be charged with any combination of the three charges, as each deals with separate legal infractions. The Impaired Driving (or Care / Control) charge is a very commonly laid DUI charge.  For the Crown to prove the offence, there has to be evidence that the [...]