Hiring Andrew Captan, Criminal Lawyer in Toronto Ontario

Hiring Andrew Captan, Criminal Lawyer in Toronto Ontario

Andrew Captan is an experienced Criminal Lawyer in Toronto Ontario.  He has been practicing criminal defence law since 2011, and dedicates his entire practice to protecting the rights of accused people before the court.

If you’re searching for Criminal Lawyers in Toronto Ontario, here are several reasons why you should consider retaining Andrew Captan.

Criminal Defence Focused Practice

Andrew Captan’s entire practice is focussed on criminal defence. He doesn’t practice civil law, real estate law, immigration law or any other area of law.  Just like you would want to consul with a cardiologist if you have a heart issue as opposed to a general family practitioner, the same logic applies for retaining a lawyer.  Practicing in one area of law leads to more experience in that area, and Mr. Captan has that experience.

No Important Work is Delegated

Sometimes, retaining a firm of Criminal Lawyers in Toronto Ontario, you really are not sure who you will end up having represent you.  You may drawn in by the intitial lawyer (perhaps senior lawyer) who you conduct your first consultation with, but your case then may be passed on to a junior associate afterwards who you may not have the same connection with, or who may not have the same experience that you expected.

Andrew Captan operates as a sole practitioner, meaning he does all the important work. While he has support staff and workers, they do not work on the substance of your case and only assist Mr. Captan in parts that are not integral to your defence.

A Lawyer Who Cares

Andrew Captan is a Criminal Lawyer in Toronto Ontario who truly cares about his clients; cares about their case and cares deeply about the outcome that transpires.  The reviews on his Google Business page speak to this level of passion and empathy for his clients.   

By retaining him, you are not treated as a number or paycheque – you are treated as if you were a family member to Mr. Captan who was in similar trouble. 

Experience and Relationship Building

Andrew Captan has developed significant experience in the area of criminal law, and has been appearing in criminal court since 2009, prior to becoming a lawyer (namely as a law student and articling student).  With this experience, he has developed a significant knowledge base to develop a well thought through legal strategy to defend your case. This strategy would be shared with you at the outset of a case, and you will not be left in the dark.

Additionally, with this experience, he has fostered respect from other counsel, Crown Attorneys and Judges.  Relationships, while not determinative of an outcome in a criminal case, are integral, given that at the end of the day, there is a “human” element to all decisions made in criminal law.

Retaining a Criminal Lawyer in Toronto Ontario who has these attributes will go a long way towards your success.

Dedication Leads to Success

As a result of Mr. Captan’s dedication to his clients, his dedication to developing his knowledge base in criminal law and to foster positive connections with other criminal justice participants, this has translated into success in his practice.  He prides himself on being able to work out positive resolutions to criminal charges which might, from an objective perspective, seem unlikely.  He has a significant volume of his criminal charges result in withdrawn charges and peace bonds, particularly in the Domestic Violence context.

While every case is different, and certain cases do not typically lend themselves to the possibility of withdrawn charges (including serious charges like robbery, aggravated assault, sexual assault), if there is the possibility of your case being withdrawn, that his his starting objective.

Clients Are Continuously Appraised of Case Progress

One of the typical complaints that is made by clients regarding their Criminal Lawyers in Toronto Ontario is that the lawyer left the client in the dark, didn’t return phone calls or e-mails and did not provide updates regarding their case.

Mr. Captan takes an active role in ensuring all clients are appraised of the progress in their case, with a commitment to provide consistent follow ups – either by phone or e-mail – to ensure the client is aware of what is happening in court.

For a consultation with Mr. Captan, call (647) 878 – 6355, e-mail him at andrew@captanlaw.com or visit his website HERE.

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