Legal Fees

Toronto Criminal Defense Lawyer Andrew Captan makes every effort to not turn away prospective clients, regardless of their financial situation.  After all, it is usually impossible to financially “plan” to face a criminal charge, as they, for the most part, arise unexpectedly.  Google Reviews have described him to offer “affordable fees”, and that he makes attempts to accommodate all clients and potential clients.

Private Retainers

One way to retain Andrew Captan is to pay him privately, also known as a “private retainer”.    Mr. Captan’s fee structure for most clients is on a “block fee” basis. A block (or flat) fee is an amount charged, regardless of the amount of time spent on the matter. By operating on a block fee basis, clients have certainty with respect to what the costs will be for their particular matter(s). This means that, as a client, you can contact me as much as you need (within reason of course), without having to worry about additional charges.

For most clients, an interest-free payment plan can also be worked out, whereby you pay in installments, rather than in a lump sum. This will also be reflected in the retainer agreement. A financial assessment is completed during an intake meeting in order to determine the appropriate monthly installment amount.

Andrew Captan offers free consultations, and will be able to determine, at the outset, the nature and complexity of your case, as well as what the anticipated fees will be.

Legal Aid

An individual’s inability to pay for a lawyer should not prevent the individual from being able to retain a lawyer to vigorously represent his or her rights and interests.

If you cannot afford to pay for Mr. Captan’s services privately, you may be eligible for Legal Aid.   He accepts most Legal Aid certificates for criminal law matters. If you are eventually granted a Legal Aid certificate, the government will cover your legal fees.

For more information about Legal Aid Ontario, and to confirm whether or not you might qualify, please visit their website.

Justice Net Member

Andrew Captan is also a member of Justice Net, which is a not-for-profit that assists with making justice more accessible to all members of the public.  The purpose of Justice Net is to assist people with finding lawyers, where they earn too much to qualify for Legal Aid, but do not earn enough to be able to afford traditional private retainer fees.