Fraud Under / Over $5000 Lawyer in Toronto

Fraud is a crime of dishonesty and, in short, involves an act of dishonesty that causes some form of deprivation (usually financial) or risk of deprivation.

Fraud can fall either under or over $5,000.  Fraud under $5,000 is a hybrid criminal offence, meaning that the Crown can elect to proceed by summary conviction or indictment.  Fraud over $5,000 is a “straight” indictable offence, which potentially significant punishments.   Depending on the deprivation in question, either one of these categories will apply.

Toronto Criminal Lawyer Andrew Captan has experience in representing individuals charged with minor Fraud offences (such as price tag “swapping”), to more serious Fraud matters, including large-scale breaches of trust (with hundreds of thousands of dollars at issue).

A “breach of trust” based Fraud involves an accused violating the trust of another party, commonly an employer, by committing the criminal offence against him, or or the company. Mr. Captan has been involved in numerous breach of trust cases, where his clients have received unique outcomes to their cases including avoiding criminal convictions.

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