Possession of Stolen Property Under / Over $5000 Lawyer in Toronto

The criminal offence of Possession of Stolen Property (or Possession of Property Obtained by Crime) is found under s. 354 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

To prove the offence, the Crown must establish that:

(1) the property in question was is of the value alleged (either under or over $5,000);

(2) the accused was in possession of the property;

(3) the property came into the possession of the accused as a result of a crime; and

(4) the accused knew that the property was stolen or otherwise received as a result of a crime, or was willfully blind to that fact.

Moreover, if the accused is found with stolen property on their person, the “doctrine of recent possession” might apply and the accused might have to provide an explanation as to why s/he had had the property on their person to avoid a finding of guilt.

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