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Domestic Assault Cases Toronto: A Step-By-Step Summary of How These Cases Proceed

Introduction Domestic Assault cases in Toronto make up a significant portion of criminal cases within the court system.    Families are routinely broken up as a result of these charges, given that, in almost all of these cases, there will be contact restrictions imposed on the parties involved.  Criminal Lawyers often get calls from individuals charged with Domestic Assault, wondering what to do next; what will happen to them, ultimately; and, most commonly, when will they be able to re-unite [...]


What Is The PAR (Partner Assault Response) Program?

What Is the PAR Program? The PAR program is a counselling program, operated through a variety of different service providers, that targets domestic violence at an early stage.  The following are some of the topics covered in the program:Anger awareness (internal cues: psychological and physiological changes) Power and control issues in relationships Gender roles, men and abuse Anger interventions and applications e.g. non-retaliation in confrontations, defusing anger in interpersonal interactions, mindfulness in everyday life, letting go, keeping an anger journal Effective communication in the [...]