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Hiring a Drunk Driving Lawyer? Questions to Ask

Hiring a criminal lawyer for any case can be daunting, especially if it’s your first offence. Hiring a lawyer for your Drunk Driving charge is no different. Drunk Driving charges is a highly technical area of criminal law found under the Criminal Code of Canada. How do you locate the right lawyer for your case? I’ll lay out some tips to assist you with your search to hire a lawyer that meets your [...]


Randomized Breath Testing and Approved Screening Device Demands in Canada

Drinking and Driving law was overhauled in December, 2018 with a variety of police powers either created or broadened.  One power that was broadened was their use of Approved Screening Devices. An Approved Screening Device (“ASD”) is a device that police use at the roadside to test for the existence of alcohol in one’s body. Typically, the device requires an individual to blow into a mouth piece which is attached to the device, expelling air from their lungs into it.  [...]