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Canada’s overhaul of impaired driving law: New risks to non-citizens

Feel free to check out a recently published article on LexisNexis’ Lawyer’s Daily, where I provide an opinion on Bill C-46’s changes to DUI law — one of which is particularly important for everyone in Canada who is not a Citizen.  The article is pasted below for ease of reference: In December 2018, Bill C-46 came into force and introduced new law in relation to transportation offences (now referred to as conveyance offences), including offences related to alcohol and drug [...]


Are you a Permanent Resident Charged with a DUI in Canada? Information You Should Know

In December 2018, the Canadian government increased the maximum sentences of all DUI charges (as well as Dangerous Driving) to up to 10 years imprisonment.    While most individuals who commit DUI offences are unlikely to receive a punishment anywhere near that number (unless, of course, one is sentenced for an offence that caused death), the increase has created a situation whereby individuals who are not Canadian citizens face the risk of deportation if convicted of a DUI. To understand [...]