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First Appearance in Criminal Court – Myths and Facts

I often get calls from individuals who are charged with criminal offences for the first time and are, not surprisingly, confused about how the court process works.  They are shocked to hear that a criminal court case can take over a year to complete; that the matter will not conclude at the first appearance, etc.  Here are some myths and facts about a first appearance in criminal court. MYTH – A First Appearance is My Trial Date A common misconception is [...]


Summary Conviction vs Indictable Criminal Offences

If you’ve been charged with a Criminal Offence, you’ve probably come across the terms “Summary Conviction” and “Indictment“.  Often, this legal terminology will appear on a page, usually referred to as a Charge Screening Form, located at the front of your disclosure package. The Charge Screening Form will indicate how the Crown Attorney intends to proceed on your charges – either by Summary Conviction or by Indictment.   But what do these terms mean? There are 3 types of criminal offences: [...]