Threaten Bodily Harm / Death Lawyer in Toronto

It is a criminal offence to utter, convey or cause a person to receive a death threat, or a threat of bodily harm, according to s. 264.1 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

“Bodily harm” is defined under s. 2 of the Codeas  “any hurt or injury to a person that interferes with the health or comfort of the person and that is more than merely transient or trifling in nature.”

The Crown must prove that (a) a threat of death or bodily harm was made, and (b) that the words were expressed as a threat with the intent to intimidate or to be taken seriously.

Defending these charges often involves issues including:

(1) Whether the accused actually made a threat.  In this context, the credibility of the complainant could be at issue;

(2) Whether the threat was in relation to the death or bodily harm of the complainant; and

(3) Whether the threat was intended to intimidate or to be taken seriously.

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